Thursday, 3 November 2016

Chilli sauce Combined with Vanilla Ice Cream, What Is It Like?

The chilli sauce is always paired with fried or salty foods. But this time the chilli sauce so alloys ice cream. How does it feel? 

Indonesian cuisine is rich spicy flavor.Obtained from fresh or dried chili chilli.Still added various spices are also spicy taste. 

Generally various chili also served as cocolan savory snacks. Of grilled fish, fried chicken, meatballs and fried until bakwan.

Seeing this, sambal wants to give a new experience eating chili sauce. Manifested in the form of 'ABC Sambal Challenge' held in five cities. 

In this challenge, visitors will be asked to eat chili ABC with one of the nine food. They will be asked to push the button on the computer tablet. Next will be processed at random and pulled out a large selection of food. 

Nine food prepared by Heinz and not commonly eaten with sauce. As warm, brains, goat satay, egg crust, lontong cap go meh, fried bananas, salted martabak, toast, fruit salad and vanilla ice cream. Everything is chosen because it is considered known and describe Indonesian cuisine.

"If all the new food choices, the people most interested in the blend of vanilla ice cream then satay. But overall everything was tasty and so more comfortable." said Chef Bara excited in a media briefing on the ABC Sambal Challenge Tesate Restaurant, Menteng, Jakarta (02/11/16) 

The crew of media are also given the opportunity to try yourself an unusual variety of food with chili ABC.Almost all of them believe this new sensation eating spicy food. 

For example, when trying the vanilla ice cream, sour sauce spicy flavor will immediately appear immediately then cool sweet taste followed. Arguably as complementary. 

Chef Bara itself reveals vanilla ice cream selected because he thought the ice cream flavors are of the utmost fit combined with sambal. 

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